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Corepad Skatez AIR - Lamzu

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Corepad AIR Skatez have raised points to reduce the contact surface and thus the friction - this means that the Corepad Skatez AIR series are slightly faster than the Corepad Skatez of the regular PRO series - of course with the same high quality and all the features of the PRO series.

Corepad Skatez are precision-made replacement mouse feet for gamer, high-end and advanced users.

Your original mouse feet are worn out or your mouse glides not that good on your mousepad? No problem: Corepad Skatez create easy quick and efficient remedy.

Corepad Skatez replace exact the original feet of your mouse and can be easily glued to reduce the frictional resistance and improve the sliding properties as replacement-feet under the mouse.

Corepad Skatez consist of 100% pure quality PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene - Colloquially this plastic is often referred with the trade name Teflon® from DuPont™) and thus offer excellent lubrication at high load capacity. The stiction coefficient is below 0,06μ and thus far below the sliding friction.

Another not to be underestimated positive side effect is the protecting property for your mousepad by less wear and increased life - in other words the use of Corepad Skatez pays twice!


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